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The community & watchful eye of face to face personal training, combined with the accountability & support of 1-1 online coaching.

Yeah I know what you’re thinking, another boot camp, another restrictive diet. You’ve trie

Yeah I know what you’re thinking. Just another bootcamp.

You’ve tried it all before right?

The exercise classes, the diets that have you chewing your own arm off, the slimming clubs that make you feel like shit....

So you either only last a couple of weeks or you do get results but they never last.

Sound familiar? So why’s this going to be any different??

It’s true most people give up a few weeks into exercise & diet plans because yes, it is hard to make changes. But I’m going to confidently presume you have never had anything close to this level of support before. This level of individuality before. 

My systems of fitting fitness around your life, not the other way round, is what’s going to make it so much easier. And I’m all about making things as easy as possible to get done.

No restriction, no doing workouts you hate that have no purpose other than to make you a sweaty mess.






The weekly Strong Bootcamp has been described by one of the members as ‘like having personal training’ because of the attention you get & how it can be tailored & adjusted to your needs & abilities to make sure every single person gets what they need from the sessions. 

It’s not me standing at the front bellowing at you.  

Structured, safe & designed to keep you progressing week on week, not only in the sessions but improve all aspects of your life.


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The online aspect of being a mermaid will give you everything you need to be supported outside of the bootcamp - it is only 45 minutes a week after all.

 The accountability you’ve been lacking to do what you need, support on the tough days, because I’m not going to lie, there will be tough days, but we’re in this together now. 

It will give you the direction & structure you need with your workouts to make exercise a part of your life, however that looks for you.

We will set daily achievable tasks to complete to take you closer to the big one & a happier, fuller life. 

One where your knees don’t hurt on the stairs & you can carry all your shopping in one go :) One where you can join in all the family adventures & go on ones you didn’t think you could possibly do.

The knowledge & guidance to achieve any fat loss goals without staving yourself & still enjoying social occasions.

And how to actually keep it off this time.

Take action now so you can head into Christmas more confident & comfortable knowing you can still enjoy all the food & festivities without the guilt & downward spiral. The only way we’re going is up!

We kick off on Monday 6th November & bootcamp runs every Thursday, 6.30 at Glusburn institute (you can come along to that before the online gets underway).

                               £117 FOR 6 WEEKS INCLUDING:

  • Your own personalised strength programme with video tutorials & descriptions

  • 6 weeks of Strong Bootcamp

  • Target setting 

  • Daily check list of non negotiables built around whatever we decide will most improve your situation 

  • Weekly check in to review your week & make a clear plan for the next

  • Half way point 1-1 call to get into the nitty gritty of how things are going & how to keep progressing

  • Nutrition support & targets

  • Morning & evening routines to help boost mood, energy, manage stress & help sleep


All to delivered on a very easily to use sexy, app where we can track & log everything that will make your life better & easier including 6 weeks of SBC.

Don't miss out!! Any questions whatsapp on the number below.

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