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Tinsel challenge

The perfect combo of group & 1-1 coaching

I know what you're thinking. Another 6 week challenge....Fair enough.
But let me tell you how this is going to be different to, I think, any other challenge out there.

Most group fitness challenges don't cater specifically to you & your schedule. Just throwing a training programme at you that takes an hour to complete & tell you to do it three to four times a week.
What if you don't have that time?

They're easy for people to 'hide' in if you're not doing the work or if you're a bit shy when it comes to asking questions.

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31st October   
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There's no hiding with me. We will chat 1-1 before we even start, then each fortnight onwards (or when is convenient to you) to review your progress & iron out any issues you may have. I will of course be on hand at any point for any questions you have.

Each week you will be sent a short 'Action Plan' form to review the previous week & plan the coming.

We will focus on getting you strong for Santa & all the often neglected pieces of the puzzle it takes to have you feeling your best around a busy schedule.

eBook subscription

WHAT ARE you gonna do to me?!

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  • Live follow along workouts (recorded for you to complete when suits you)

  • Personal plan of exercises to follow to fit around your schedule

  • Video Tutorials of every exercise

  • Daily group check ins

  • Weekly mapping out

  • Weekly personal video check in

  • Private Facebook & WhatsApp group of like minded people.

  • Own personal strength programme to  follow for home or gym

  • Nutrition advice & personal calorie & protein targets

  • Live group & Q&A 

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