Starts Monday 13th June

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So you're here to take your running to the next level & feel great along the way.


Not only will improving your strength improve your running it's going to improve your life! Now, next year, in 5 years, 10 years, in 20 years time!!!









So what's going to happen once you register for the 5 day Challenge?

Once you submit the form below I will send you a email with a questionnaire to fill in so I can get to know you better & get your programme just right.

You will be given your own Strength programme based on the answers you give & it will be available on the training app that I use with all my clients.

I will invite you to join my private Facebook community of like minded people that are on the same

journey as you.

You will receive support from me & other members of the group.

There will be a group call on The Sunday morning (GMT) before the start of the challenge

& another at the end of the challenge.

You will receive daily check ins from me & I will be available for any of your questions

regarding your strength programme & anything else training, scheduling & recovery.


Whatever you need help with.

You DO NOT need gym access!

Home & gym programmes will be available.

Even if you have absolutely no equipment you can still improve your strength.

I will give you a challenging, progressive programme using just bodyweight.


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Thank you!

Please check your email. (including junk folder)