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Don't Believe Everything your Fitness Watch is Telling You

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

FitBit, Apple, Garmin. There's dozens of fitness watches out there. And I think they're great for a lot of things.

But they can also be very misleading.

Here's my thought and fact on the top 3:

Calories Burnt, Heart Rate & Step Count.


Yes the older versions of FitBit etc could be very kind on the old step count.

Digging into a bag of monster munch could register 100 steps😁

But they are lot more accurate these days.


By tracking your steps each day it can keep you accountable to being active and keeping your NEAT (non exercise activity thermogenesis) high.

10.000 steps is the buzz number but if you're well below this maybe look to add 1,000 a day each week until you're above 10,000 regularly.

Likewise is you have an active job and want to increase activity. Aim for more. As many as possible.


Firstly you should not be looking to earn your tea. Or burpee away a pizza.

Fitness watches are massively inaccurate at measuring calories burnt during workouts. Overestimating by a MINIMUM of 20%.

Exercise for health, train for strength, enjoy it!


Research show that most fitness watches are adequate enough at measuring heart rate. With an average error of 5%.

Apple performed the best, Samsung Gear showed most error.

When used to monitor steps and activity I think fitness watches are fantastic. They give us simple, easy to digest data to understand where we can improve.

And they're pretty good for telling the time 🤣

Calories burnt is massively inaccurate and even if it wasn't we shouldn't be looking to earn back calories. Or run for our supper.

When calculating your calories if fat loss is a goal overall activity level should be factored in. #fitnesswatch#fatloss#heartrate#applewatch#calories#neat#personaltrainer#personaltraining#trailrunning#sport

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