Consider this your map to getting stronger, fitter & feeling great.

A 6 week progressive strength programme suited to you, your schedule & your goals. To do whenever, wherever you like.


Video tutorials of every exercise & detailed desciptions.

I am going to outline everything from reps, sets & rests to frequency of training & explain how to use RPE 9rate of perceived exhaustion) as a guide to intensity & the weight to use.


Any queries along the way simply message me via the Trainerize app, which is completly free to download & use.

How this differs to my 1-1 coaching is you won't have the accounability & support from myself to keep you in line.

Personalised 6 Week Strength Programme

$49.99 Regular Price
$29.99Sale Price
  • If you're not happy in your first two weeks I'll give you your money back!